Tailored Matching with CUmore

CUmore is a web-based application that helps auto dealerships identify the right lender for any given loan structure. Our team of auto industry experts understand the difficulties dealerships face when structuring a loan. Our executive team maintain positions as automotive sales managers, finance managers and general managers. We believe that in order to serve our customers we must be the customers, finding solutions that we ourselves use on a daily basis. We are not detached from the industry we serve. We are the industry we serve.

For Credit Unions

As a free-to-use service for credit unions, CUmore is singularly focused on highlighting the strengths of a credit union’s auto lending program. Our unique approach to identifying these strengths puts the credit union ” top of mind” with auto dealerships. More views mean more clicks. More clicks mean more deals. More deals mean more members.

For Auto Dealerships

Incorrectly structured loans are commonplace at a dealership. Short funds, rate buy downs, re-signs and unwinds all are the result of incorrectly structured loans that cost the dealership actual dollars every month. CUmore helps the dealership get it right the first time.

CUmore not only helps dealerships maximize profitability on the back end, we help dealerships identify ways to maximize profitability up front by recommending a better way to structure the loan.